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Welcome to Holliland! While I happen to love the winter I can honestly say I won't miss this past one. I, along with most of you really need some spring (in my life and in my step). I've been hard at work with The Royal Bopsters having enjoyed some great gigs in New Orleans at the JEN convention this past January and then the APAP convention in NYC. We were lucky to have a true Royal, Sheila Jordan with us in NoLa so what better way to start 2017! Our future travels will take us to Europe this July so stay tuned for more information about that. My partners in time, Amy London, Pete McGuinnes and Dylan Pramuk are a joy to work with and we're starting to piece together the next recording. You'll have to hide if you don't want to hear about that!!

If you've missed my most recent gigs in town, I'll be taking it out to Long Island soon to my favorite hang, Grasso's. Love this classy jazz bistro (but it's Italian...). It's been such a joy to see friends and jazz lovers who've come out to show their support for live jazz. I'll continue to keep you posted of further gigs as they come up so I hope you'll celebrate with me somewhere.  I promise to stick to the good stuff, the Great American Songbook, but just wait till you hear what Ted and I did to Laura Nyro's "Wedding Bell Blues."  You'll also get to hear some original lyrics to compositions by Claudio and Rufus (penned along with Jeanne O'Connor). 

You all know my work with my beloved String Of Pearls and you’ll see in my itinerary that we continue to perform near and far.  So as I step out from the usual lineup, I know that I will see many familiar faces, meet new people, and share with you the music that is most dear to my heart. 

Looking forward to seeing you.  Now get out and save some sun for me!